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Bequia Net offers very competitive rates. We are the Bequia island Holiday Guide and attempt to list all pertinent information about the island of Bequia. Our goal is to list every business on Bequia! You may choose to have us design your site and host it with us. Or you may have us link to an already existing site.  Whatever you choose, we guarantee that you will get more exposure. We have well over 15 years of experience in creating and hosting web sites. It costs no more to have experienced professionals advertise your business.

All costs are quoted in US dollars. We also are able to accept payment in EC dollars, and through PayPal. 

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Bronze Ad Plan

Every Bequia business is eligible for a free directory listing consisting of: business name, phone number, fax number, E-mail and web address link.  Send us your information to be included in the Bequia directories. Please include what category of business you have, i.e. sailboat charter, guest house, yacht chandlery, restaurant, guide service, scuba company, legal advice, real estate for rent or sale, hotel, taxi service, non-profit, etc. Our goal is to be the portal for all information about Bequia!

Silver Ad Plan (Site Sponsor)

Upgraded Directory listing. Get the Bronze Plan information and for only $35 /year we will include a brief advertisement for your business (supplied by you) as well as a small graphic logo or photo which will be linked to your web site. Set your business apart from the free directory listings and get noticed! Ad space is available on each page and include a thumbnail photo or graphic, a brief narrative and contact information. They also include a link to your site. This information is placed on the page above the free listings.

 Silver "Plus" Ad Plan (Site Sponsor)

Front Page 100x80 pixel Ads: Occasionally thumbnail ad space with web site links will become available on the home page of BequiaNet. These ads are limited to 6 per page load and will load randomly in rotation with three other sets of six. Your ad link will get exposure 33% of the page loads of the BequiaNet home page. Silver Plus include the Silver Ad Plan above.

NEW!  Gold Ad Plan  (Gold Site Sponsor)

Quad 200(w) X 160(h) pixel Ad:  Ads can be purchased for $150/year per page. All pages except the home page are eligible. These ads will appear at the top of all other ads on the page. They include a few lines of text and a link to your site as well as contact info. should you like. These ads can be animated to show two views (supplied by you).

Single Web Page

We create a single page with limited graphics or photos on our site. Sample page: D & N Taxi Services

Platinum Site Plan
$150/first year $100/year thereafter

We create and host your 2 page site on BequiaNet as a sub domain.  This is a great way to have a web page(s) hosted on Bequia Net for as little as $150/first year $100/year thereafter for a 2 page web site!  $50/year for ea. additional page.  Example:  http://www.Bequia.Net/YourBusiness.  This includes the features of the Silver Ad Plan (a $35 Value) and 1-2 pages, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee for graphics intensive sites. We now include a domain name alias for Platinum Site Plans.  Example: Your actual URL is the new alias looks like (either address will work)
Sample page: Garden of Eden Villa

*The web site fee is billed annually in advance to keep prices low.


Site Design

If you don't have a web site and would like us to develop one for you, no problem! We will design original graphics, add your photos, create meta-tags for up to 2 pages for $150.00 US. and host your site on Bequia.Net (Platinum Site Planhttp://YourBusiness.Bequia.Net/ This fee includes hosting and minor changes for the first year. The second year is $100.00/per year paid annually and include minor changes as well as a free Silver Ad (a $35 Value) .plus $50/year for each additional page.

NEW!  Bequia.Net is now pleased to offer full domain web site design through the local Bequia design firm Cloud Island Media Inc. They offer development of top level domain websites such as  URL- www.YourName.Com   Websites acquired through Cloud Island Media will receive a complimentary free link in our grids and one year free Silver Ad (a $35 Value) on the appropriate page. Cloud Media has agreed to offer their services for our previously low rates mentioned below. Contact Cloud Island directly at  tel: 784.458.3108  or contact Us at We can highly recommend Patrick at Cloud Island Media. You won't be disappointed!

Visit some sample Sites by Cloud Island Media:

Jack Bar -Princess Margaret Beach, Bequia   Rendezvous Ranch -home rental, Bequia

Example: Yourname.Bequia.Net
Platinum Site Plan
1-2 page Site Design- 1st Year 2nd Year
$150.00 US $0
Domain Name Alias upgrade now included $0
Domain Site hosting- $150 value (included) $100
Silver Ad on $35 value (included) $35 value (included)
Search Engine submission Included Included
Minor text updates/Major changes & graphics free/$50/hour free/$50/hour
Year total- $150.00 US $100  US

 $50/year/ea. additional page. All fees are paid annually to keep costs low.

Example: www.YourName.Com
Cloud Island Plan
1-5 page Site Design- 1st Year 2nd Year
$350.00 US  $50ea. additional $ 0
Domain Name Registration $8.95/year $8.95/year
Domain Site hosting- $7.95/month
($95.40 ) billed yearly
($95.40) billed yearly
Search Engine submission (recommended) $100 (optional) $100
Advertisement on Bequia.Net free ($35 value) (optional) $35
Minor updates/major changes free/$50 per hour free/$50 per hour
Year total- $554.35 US $104.35 US

Hourly Rates:  Major Site updates, Digital Design/Editing, Javascripts, and Java features negotiable- based on $50.00 U.S. per hour.

 Here's some good free information for those people thinking of a new website and marketing through the Internet.


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